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Buying Organic vs. Nonorganic Foods: The Cost

The cost of organic food is 3 or 4 times the cost of the same item if non-organically produced/purchased. However, since you are eating only 1/3 to 1/2 as much, then actually I figure that you will have to spend about twice as much on food costs as you currently do (so NOT 3 or 4 times as much as you currently do). It is well worth the added expense though!

And what extra amount you spend on food costs, you will be spending a lot less on medical costs. Also you can eventually buy clothing that will last a lifetime, as your weight and size won’t change after you get down to your ‘ideal’ weight.

Oh that is something else that I did not mention before. I figure also that the organic lifestyle will get you down to your own person ‘ideal’ weight eventually. For me I have found my ideal weight to be right around 185 pounds. It doesn’t matter if I go on a cleansing special idiet which I mention later here, I eventually settle back at or near the 185 pound mark. Now perhaps it seems to be around the 175 mark even! The organic lifestyle will get you right there after about a year’s time too!

So WHY is the cost of organic foods so much more than the non-organic counterparts when they are not buying and using chemicals, preservatives, and additives? There are several reasons.

  • First, since there are no preservatives, the food items spoil quicker and a lot of them must be discarded and the food companies must make up for the loss in revenue for the discarded food items.
  • Second, the companies (and also local farm growers) must pay for the certification of ‘organic’ by special companies which certify the foods. This costs a lot of money.
  • Third, they have to go through and do a lot of specialized things to get the foods to be organic and go through rigid performance tests to do so. Once at a local San Diego Farmers Market I asked the local farmer if the fruit I was going to buy from them was certified organic. They said no because they could not afford to pay for the certification process. But for all intents and purposes it was organic. I bought the item!
  • Fourth, the amount of people buying organic products is so much less than the non-organic varieties. Thus the more of you who start buying organic, the price will come down…see…my selfish reason for writing this book too!

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