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“Diets” In General…Why They Fail!

There are so many diets out there. Why? Because they all fail and are only successful for a short period of time. Many have been hailed as the greatest thing. What happens is you go on these diets and you are excited for a bit of time. You do lose some weight, but then the excitement goes away or you miss some of the foods you used to love but can’t eat in this new special diet. Then you start little by little chipping away and doing things not in the diet plan, and slowly you go back to the weight you were when you started your diet, or even more than that weight. You have spent a lot of money and wasted time on this temporary fix.

Also these diets are not nutritious and are boring. They cause you to lack certain important food group elements and are not healthy. You do not get a balanced menu of food groups. You even lose motivation after a while. You are not eating the kinds of foods you crave and want. You are told what to eat, when to eat it, and even how much of it to eat. This is fine with you when you start, but not for the rest of your entire life. This type of plan usually lasts anywhere from one to six months and then you go off it completely and try something new.

Some experts or companies talk about food items which make you get filled up or “satisfied” quicker. I tried these diets and actually ate more than when I didn’t use them. Many “diet” foods actually have things in them to make you addicted to eating more of other things, and the company gets richer even more quickly. Never eat anything that has a label “diet” on it. The plan outlined here does not want you to eat anything that says “diet” or “fat free” or any of those kinds of terms.

There was even a study done with two groups. One group drank diet soda, the other regular soda. They were both given the same other kinds of foods to eat at a buffet where they could eat as much as they wanted. The group drinking the diet soda gained more weight than the non-diet soda group! The reason was that the diet soda had additives in it that made you addicted to eating even more of other foods. Companies know this and do it on purpose so you eat and buy more foods!

You will find the new “diet” or “lifestyle” plan outlined in my book to be tremendously easy. It will work, and you will eat less and be healthier than ever! And you will never want to leave the plan and will use it the rest of your long life!


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