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Easy Idea for Your Daily Cardio

I have a friend who does his cardio in the form of a walk every day. Good. But he does the same exact path every day…wow! How boring! I couldn’t do that…actually I should say that I wouldn’t want to do that!

I walk one hour every day, but try to use a variety of different places. Hey, variety is the spice of life! This makes it more fun, motivational, and I incorporate exploration into it too. I have actually even found new routes of travel for me to use in my car in case of traffic problems!

First, I try to incorporate my walk in my regular day’s schedule. For instance, if I am going to go to the bank and drive there, I do it from there. If I am going to a supermarket, I do it from there. If I am going to the mall, I do it from there. In general, what I do is I walk from my car a half hour and then turn around and walk back to my car.

I can also tell from this method how my second half pace is compared to my first half. Sometimes I have an extra minute or two to do at the end to complete the one hour I want to walk. That means my second half was even faster in pace than my first half. Sometimes I actually do not reach my car when the hour is already up. That means my second half was slower than my first half.

The hardest place to walk is in a big city. And the hardest intersection to encounter in a city is at a busy traffic light. However you can always go in one direction there. So in a city I do what I call ‘hap-hazard’ walks. That means that I select two general directions and whenever I get to a traffic light, I go in either one of those two directions.

For instance I could pick North and East, or North and West, or South and East, or South and West. Then if I chose North and East as my two directional option for example, when I get to a light I go either North or East there, depending on which way the light allows me to travel.

I continue this trend all the time for the first half of the walk, but then on the way back I might be doing a different route than my first half depending on what traffic light situations I encounter. But I will make it back to my car now by going South and West all the time at each traffic light intersection I encounter.

I find these ‘hap-hazard’ routes the best way to handle city streets. The key thing is: never stop walking…always keep moving.


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