Finding Organic Foods

It is harder to find organic foods than regular foods, I must admit. However, with more and more people realizing the benefits of the all-organic diet (and especially with them reading and following the guidelines of my book and hearing my success story), more and more stores are selling organic products. Now you can find organic products in most major super market chains as well as specialty health-food type markets.

I find first of all that the food market which has the most quantity and also the most quality of organic products is Whole Foods Markets. Whole Foods Markets are found in many of the biggest cities in the United States and also in Canada as “Capers” Markets. However I find at Whole Foods that their own Whole Foods brand product line is very reasonably priced and even some of their non-certified organic products are essentially organic and are ok to purchase if you want to save money.

I had some friends rave about Whole Foods’ all organic double-creme oreo-type cookies-try these and tell me they aren’t the best you ever ate! So the products there cost more than regular super market products because most of their products are indeed organic, which as we mentioned cost more than the non-organic food products of the same ‘type’. It’s like buying a Rolls Royce instead of buying a Ford!

Other big markets which sell large amounts of organic products include Henry’s Markets, Trader Joe’s, Nature’s Best, and other across our country and world0wide. Look up on the internet under “organic food markets” and you will find stores near you.

I have even found organic foods at dollar stores. One of the best dollar-type stores we have in the West are the 99 Cents Only stores. These are huge super-market size stores where everything is 99.99 cents or under. They have on occasion even had some organic items. Boy do I go crazy then!!! I remember one time when they had Organic Kraft Macaroni and Cheese packages at 3 for 99 cents! I bout 21 of them! Many times these stores get new samples of items to sell. So go crazy and stock up!

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